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شرکت فرمولیبدن کویر رفسنجان

years of its activity; more than $ 50 million of its products exported to various countries with the most high quality and again as the industry's top entrepreneurs will be selected favorites Province.

In third place should the company managers and major investors (pension fund Iranian Copper Industries) Tshkrnmayym the full confidence of his credentials to use bank loans to finance working capital raw materials Co., helped.


In fourth place should be respected official Bank of Commerce, Export Development, Bank Melli and Bank Saderat, which is providing banking services helped us to achieve this success, we shall give thanks appreciation.
Please be advised that despite the end to achieve this success, the company And.aynjanb deprived of their export awards from authorities and relevant institutions, Governor, business organizations Chamber of Commerce (as Patron of the public sector) all those who can assist us in this direction, we expect the company to obtain export bonuses that can offset some of the damage caused by the economic crisis, assist

Rafsanjan kavir ferromolybdenum company was established in February  2008 .
The plant was constructions in 15000 m2 site located in 15 the km of rafsajan – kerman road .
Production capability is 1000 tones for molybdenum oxides & ferromolybdenum in year

  • Address:15 km highway Rafsanjan-Kerman .Rafsanjan
  • Phone: 034-34194301-8
  • Fax: 034-34194300

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